Tuesday, 6 April 2021

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COVID 19 At the time of writing this, April 15, 2021, there are no special Covid 19 restrictions in our area (Tin Can Bay). However, social distancing is still the go and if you feel the need to wear a mask please do so.

Have you downloaded the "Check In Qld" app? It makes signing in so easy. To get there just click on the image below. If not, I will require you to physically sign in with your full name and address. Unless of course, I have your full details beforehand.

Both my wife and myself are fully vaccinated against Covid.

I have added the word, "TOURS" to the title of this blog mainly because I sometimes get a client who is well-read with photographic knowledge and whose needs do not require a tutorial service but simply an information tour that might include some of the preferred local sites that would likely be best for acquiring a more desirable image composition.

Workshop needs Firstly, there is no necessity to bring any writing needs as I will have printed sheets that will include all of your own relevant workshop information.

On a personal note, I will advise of any special requirements needed by you on our workshop date and that might include, any particular photographic equipment, special footwear, or clothing. But personal insect repellant is usually a must.

Sorry, but the workshop, photography walk-around also includes terrain that is really not suitable for wheelchair access; however, other suitable workshop arrangements can be made.

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