Tuesday, 6 April 2021

About my outdoor photography workshops

Have you suddenly found a love of photography, but it frustrates you because you don't seem to be getting anywhere with it?

Do you feel the quality of your outdoor photography lacks that certain "WOW" factor?

Or would you just like some help with your camera?


I offer very low-cost assistance to visitors and residents alike, in Tin Can Bay, Australia, who have a strong desire to better their outdoor photography, or at least to take it to the next level.

Some common, easily solvable problems might include: fuzzy, out-of-focus photos or subjects coming out too dark?

The first hour of the 3-hour workshop session will mainly be based on learning the pros and cons of natural outdoor lighting and how best you can use and manipulate it to your advantage in your outdoor photography.

The other is learning how to build a truly great "photo composition", by utilising special composition tools that have been handed down to photographers today from classic artists of days gone by.

Also discussed will be the benefits of going manual, or at least sem-manual with the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings of your camera - it is easier than you think!"

Other things will be discussed as time permits.
Being aware, of course, that although all cameras are just designed to simply take pictures, their operations and functions can differ greatly from brand to brand. So if you also require assistance with your camera, I suggest that you please remember to bring its operator's manual with you.

It would certainly help, however, but not essential if you have a good prior knowledge of the functions of your camera's external buttons and switches.
Including the use of your lenses and other camera accessories.

The other couple of hours will be filled by a walk-around photoshoot and covering that which was discussed earlier.

On a personal note, please wear appropriate footwear as the walk-around photo shoot may include areas where the ground is a bit boggy. Also, remember the hat and personal insect repellent.
And yes, if the weather on the day looks a little unfavorable, there is always a plan B.

For all other information, including workshop costs, my other services, etc., please use the "CONTACT FORM" provided.
Even if it is just a question or two - thank you!

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