Thursday 5 January 2023

Reviews and Appraisals


Cheryl Gett, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

"I had a lovely 3-hour Course with Ken and found it very informative. Not only did I learn about light, composition and background (those horizon lines you don’t often notice) but I also learned quite a bit about my camera which I didn’t know. Thank you Ken for a wonderful morning".

Lorraine & Ken Bishop, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

"We both use Ken Ferguson's professional and technical expertise for our separate photographic projects: Lorraine creating a photo record for her local branch of the Queensland Country Women's Association (QCWA), and Lorraine's husband, Ken, asking Ken Ferguson to produce a fair size print from a tiny postage stamp size photo from the nineteen forties for a family military project. Ken Ferguson delivers every time, helpfully, quickly, and efficiently. We are glad to have such a friendly, reliable expert in our community".

Leanne Dunne, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"I came away from Ken’s 3-hour outdoor workshop armed with a far greater understanding of my camera’s functions and settings. During the session, I was able to capture some very outstanding photographs to provide lovely memories of our holiday. If you've stored your SLR in the 'too hard basket' like I had, Ken can help!!"

Pat Crick, Gympie, Queensland, Australia

"Thank you, Ken, very much for your support and help. It was most appreciated. You provided so much information and, yes, there will be questions. Some things I thought I forgot but when talking to friends and family about my day I realised I remembered more than I thought. I think the best thing is, like you said, practice-practice-practice. After a little while, I might have to contact you and ask you a question or even send you a copy of a photo or two for your comments. I really enjoyed the workshop. Cheers Pat"

Erich Nussbaumer, Gympie, Queensland, Australia

"I learned a lot during my session. Many a photographer could benefit from a few hours spent with Ken".​

Tracy Vaughan, Brisbane, Australia

"Really enjoyed taking a stroll with Ken and learning about the local wildlife and flora. I got many new photography tips and I highly recommend you try this out if you want to learn more about the area and you are a keen photographer!! Thanks, Ken!!"

Jude Foster, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ken, thanks for the morning! A couple of my in-camera shots look great so I am really pleased and look forward to getting them up on the computer when I get home. I have really enjoyed my time at Tin Can Bay so peaceful and relaxing but my holiday is at an end. Thanks again and kind regards, Jude.

Amy Palmer, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for today, Ken. I learned a lot, taking it all in. And thank you again.

Ross Patten, Valdora, Queensland

Thanks for this morning, Ken. A very full and extremely interesting one. And so much homework you have given me to work on. Really appreciated. Thanks for your time and helpful, constructive hints.


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